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Connie Roberts has been everything we could ask for in a Realtor. She guided us through the process of buying our first home 15 years ago, which we still own and love, and she recently helped us purchase a home as an investment property. Connie has extensive knowledge about the business of real estate and has a broad network of contacts: mortgage brokers, title companies, home inspectors, home repair contractors, and so on. Always professional, Connie has a wonderful energy about her and is able to relate to all types of people. She is a good listener and has a straight-forward communication style, which we appreciate. We trust Connie completely and have recommended her to several of our friends and co-workers, who have purchased homes with Connie’s help. We recommend Connie Roberts to anyone seeking an outstanding Realtor.

-Judy and Art

Your help seriously saved me from having to move back home to Michigan. Girl, you know your stuff! Is it okay if I keep your number on file for future reference?

I would like to say that working with Connie has been a wonderful experience. I was actually recommended to her through a coworker who had a wonderful experience with her as well. Connie was able to listen to my circumstances, see what I needed, and took the time to find something within my needs. She was a lifesaver, to say the least. She had my problem solved in no time flat! I don’t know where I would have ended up with out her. I plan on working with her again in the future, and would recommend her to someone who is looking for a place out here in the valley. She knows her stuff!

-Amy Babcock


I rented next door to a unit for which Connie was the property manager for five years, and then I found out the owner of my unit was selling it and I could no longer live there. The guys in the unit Connie rented were set to move out the same date my lease expired, and they put me in touch with Connie. Connie returned my call immediately and was very compassionate off the bat – saying she could hear the stress in my voice in the message I left her. She was very willing to work with me despite my less-than-perfect credit record (thank goodness for great rental history!) to ensure that I could stay in the condos and neighborhood that I LOVED SO MUCH! I have had a few personal situations arise where rent was late or a check bounced and communicated them to Connie and she was understanding every time – not to mention prompt with her responses and up-front about the potential consequences of the situation. The a/c went out in the unit she managed and it was fixed the very next day. The garbage disposal went out and she put me in touch with a handyman who told me how to fix it so I didn’t have to buy a new one. I am now moving out, and into a house, but I’m going to keep Connie’s information in case I ever need a property manager again – or a realtor. I literally could not have asked for a better property manager/landlord. I have absolutely loved living in the condo and working with you – you are a FANTASTIC property manager!! Thank you.

Amy, Scottsdale


I have known Connie Roberts for 20+ years. She is extremely professional, straight forward and honest. If anyone knows the real estate market in Phoenix, it has been and currently is Connie. She found my current home of 20 years for me & has just been successful in finding a buyer for me. 20 years ago she also sold the home I was in when she found the current one now for sale.
I highly endorse her to anyone looking for savvy, successful, personable marketing agent for either selling or buying.

-Beverly Harris, Phoenix

As a novice seller, really lucked out when Connie was highly recommended to me as a respected and experienced realtor. She filled me on what to expect throughout every phase of the sale, did her homework, was always upbeat and positive, and was more than determined to make sure things happened when they were supposed to. Throughout every stage of of what turned into a “difficult” transaction, Connie was thoroughly professional, provided sound advice and followed up on every detail. “Hat’s off” to a successful sale.

-Elaine Fahey


I first met Connie Roberts last January when I was attempting to sell a rental condo. She came highly recommended by a fellow owner who had known her for 30 years.

From the day I listed the property with Connie to the day she accompanied me to the closing of the sale, I felt comfortable with her performance. She knew the market. She produced photos and a video to accompany a detailed listing agreement. She communicated at every step. She completed the necessary documentation to closing. Most important, I always felt she had my back and, I enjoyed our conversations.

Next came the listing of my 4-plex. Again, Connie demonstrated a good knowledge of the market and the information required to sell a multi-family income property. She again produced photos and a superb video to complete a very detailed and informative listing agreement. Her determination and communicating skills got the job done. I felt we were working together, again to the day she accompanied me to the close of escrow.

Yes, Connie Roberts wears many hats. She demonstrates her considerable knowledge, experience, property management and sales skills. She’s one dedicated and personable lady. I would recommend Connie to anyone seeking an outstanding Realtor®.

-Robert Mooney, Phoenix


WOW! You are something else. I hope we can work more together. I have never worked with such a gracious Referral or co-broke agent. Thank you for this wonderful gesture, and I will accept with great humility.

-Donna Bell

You are one incredible real estate agent! Wow! The work you’ve done for my property! I will recommend your services to any one that needs to buy or sell…..anything!

-Roslyn Rogers

I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you so much. I really appreciate you. You made this happen when I didn’t think it was possible. I’m so excited to expand my investment portfolio. Only with you could this be made possible! Thank you.



I was glad that you agreed to work with me, and I always felt that you gave me the same quality of service that you would to any client. By “quality of service,” I am referring to the amount of time you put in, the knowledge you shared, your availability, and your support throughout the process. I thought I’d list some pleasant memories that illustrate these characteristics:

We spent hours each week looking at homes. I remember going on a 6 hour tour one day, seeing 23+ homes.

You answered your phone or returned messages right away… even when you were really busy. I was always impressed with that. How do you do it?

You did a lot of at-home research, looking for homes that match my needs. I did my research, too, but in the end, I picked a house that you had found. I would never have picked it out myself, out of the hundreds of homes on-line. But I am glad you found it and recommended it, because once I toured it I saw it in a whole new way.

You were there from the very beginning to the very end. You met my whole family, and you personally accompanied me through lending, inspection, signing and everything in between.

What I will remember the most is that I truly enjoyed your company. Thank you, again, and I look forward to staying in touch with you.



Connie helped me get a fantastic deal on a condo–a deal so good the seller called it unprecedented. I expected great service from Connie because she had been referred not just by one friend, but two friends who had used her services over the years, but even with my expectations I was impressed by Connie’s experience, knowledge, and attention to detail. Her phone calls and emails kept me apprised through every step of the buying process. I, in turn, will gladly recommend Connie to anyone looking to buy or sell.

Jeanette Roycraft, Surprise AZ

I worked with Connie for the past year and truly enjoyed the experience. She was great to work with and always easily accessible. In terms of a landlord, I don’t think you could ask anything more out of a person and I really enjoyed getting to know Connie.

Whenever I called Connie with an issue she was very prompt in getting anything taken care of and I never had to wait more than 24 hours for any issue to be taken care of. I was given a promotion closer to home so I moved after one year. But if I had stayed in the same region I would have stayed put for sure.

I would highly recommend Connie’s work in her profession.

-Jeff Simpson, Scottsdale, AZ


To the very best Property Manager in the world. Thank you Connie for all your hard work. I used to manage properties for decades and I know how much work goes into maintaining an older home and dealing with tenants. I appreciate how much you care for my rental. Fondly, Eileen M. Lien

-Eileen Lien, Tempe Property Management

Connie was the first person I met when I moved from the east coast. Although I was new to the area, Connie made it so easy, I found a place to live within the first 10 days! She gave excellent advice, but most importantly, she is very kind and has good vibes all the time. Thanks Connie!

-Lara Reichmann, Tempe, AZ

I have seen you take on this job, make it your own, analyze all the aspects of it and then make wonderful changes. So I wanted to make sure to tell you what a tremendous job I think you have done, in addition to being fun and easy to work with!