Boutique concierge service makes a difference providing guidance from showings to post closing. You reap the benefit of my experience...with old-fashioned Western honesty. You can see the pretty stuff for yourself. You are hiring me to give you input on the bad and the ugly; aka hassle and stress. I know who is supposed to do what and when during the process, so I know when something might go south. I can deal with it before it happens. Hire a career negotiator who cares about you...not just for one transaction but for your lifetime real estate portfolio. You buy smart because I want to be proud to put my sign in your yard when your hat wants to move.

What You Can Expect With AZ Homes & Hats


Pre-Screened Listings

Old-school. High tech. Expertise at your fingertips. Are you tired of driving around neighborhoods only to be disappointed in location, price or condition? I know floor plans and streets and communities. Depending on what you're looking for I can tell you what you would and wouldn't like about a home before we even get into the car. I analyze each home before scheduling showings. Why waste time to go look at homes that would never ever fit your lifestyle? It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words but years of experience and thousands of homes translate into time savings for you. New build homes get their own hats.

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Time-Saving Showings

We don't need any more pollution or extra gas trips. I'm the princess of showings! Sellers are so amazed at my time management skills. That's right, showings are not just for buyers, they are for sellers too! Negotiations begin with my initial contact. Sometimes sellers will even give my buyers the advantage because of some individualized tricks I utilize. Setting up a showing tour and scheduling requires spur of the moment adjustments.  I supply water bottles, sunscreen, snack food, and toys. I believe in using old-fashioned tools along with the latest technology tools.  Experience came way before GPS. Tour motto: no left turns!


Quality Buyer Negotiation

As a broker and Certified Residential Specialist, I excel in the legal and numbers aspects of real estate. Clean, concise contracts are the crux of real estate and my skills surpass most. I'm the queen of contracts! I attempt to anticipate what, where, when & how anything can go wrong. I practice fairness, integrity, and honesty which you'll personally experience. Negotiations continue throughout the entire process. Wearing my Transaction Coordinator hat provides continuity. Clarity in communications gives you an edge, translates into less stress and a place to hang your hat.  Hire a negotiator who truly cares about you...not just for one transaction but for your lifetime real estate portfolio.


What's Different About Me?


Concierge & On-Call Service

Work with one person from start to finish...personalized communications enhance the entire process. Availability at every step adds efficiency to negotiations.


Focused On Your Financial Future

Our motto: It's easy to buy and much harder to sell. Your ultimate success depends on making smart decisions today based upon your life stage and goals.


Lifetime of Arizona Experience

Original Mid-Century Phoenician native. Seasoned broker & REALTOR® with over 35+ years of experience. Old school techniques coupled with high tech skills. 

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