I'm applying for a job. You'll find me to be an energetic and dynamic full-service broker. I'm passionate about providing guidance and consultation for long-term investments. It takes vision. Starting with a wise purchase, improvements through the management years, to finally selling and reaping the rewards of your investment. Buying correctly is the key. Get the right hat. Scale improvements to match market expectations for leasing and selling and square footage and housing type and location. Proficient with 1031 Exchanges. Anywhere in the Valley or USA. Boutique service guarantees your home is treated like it was mine.


What You Can Expect With AZ Homes & Hats


Tenant Selection and Management

In today's market there are more tenants and fewer rentals valley-wide; but why is it so difficult to find really good tenants? I've learned some tricks from the elders. Yet, lifestyles change in a heartbeat. Fairness. My goal is have tenants who pay on time, take care of the property and report any issues promptly...and leave the place in a lovely condition. Tenants appreciate me taking care of repairs in a timely manner. They reciprocate when they move out. Fair housing and equal opportunity will always be the fundamental guidelines servicing our owners and tenants.

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No Hassle Property Maintenance

Whether or not you want to be involved in the nitty-gritty details, we'll communicate about the specifics of each repair over $200. You'll feel informed but not involved...comfortable when making approvals. Monthly Cash Flow and Owner's Statements are emailed. I'm a firm believer in not allowing deferred maintenance items to build up. It's important to continually keep the electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and structural items of your investment in good working order. Experience has taught me that annual investments reap large rewards when it comes time to sell. You can also participate in tenant selection or not. We'll work together to review the market and come up with our version of market rate.


SElling At the Top of the Market


Here's another differentiation about me. I know how to market your investment for sale and/or rent because that's my day job. My mission is to get the most for your property when it comes time to sell. Maybe we can catch the top but there might be reasons to sell no matter what the market is doing. I watch statistics to keep a handle on upward and downward trends. I work in the streets so I also get a feel for the zeitgeist. Market values depend on specific school districts, valley-wide metro data, and national trends especially in the financial markets. Hat tip!


What's Different About Me?


Concierge & On-Call Service

Work with one person from start to finish...personalized communications enhance the entire process. Availability at every step adds efficiency to negotiations.


Focused On Your Financial Future

Our motto: It's easy to buy and much harder to sell. Your ultimate success depends on making smart decisions today based upon your life stage and goals.


Lifetime of Arizona Experience

Original Mid-Century Phoenician native. Seasoned broker & REALTOR® with over 35+ years of experience. Old school techniques coupled with high tech skills. 

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