Since the mid-century days when my parents dragged me along to check out every new home builder in town, I grew up watching Phoenix grow up too. Those adventures gave me insight into real estate development, trends, growth corridors & market corrections. As a full-time seasoned broker with over 30+ years of experience, I'll take care of your future like you are family... with honest Western hospitality. I've got a unique hat for whatever real estate need you can toss my way. Throw your hat in the game with the AZ Hat Lady.

What You Can Expect With AZ Homes & Hats


For Buyers

Finding the right property for your specific investment strategy involves much more than driving around and looking at homes. While I am a great tour guide; you are really hiring me to provide guidance throughout the entire process. Trustworthy & honest, I'm not afraid to discuss flaws or talk about issues. Utilizing my expertise and experience, I help save time and money with each step in the escrow process. Hundreds of homes under my sold hat taught me there's always a surprise. Bring it on...I'm eager to provide solutions. My testimonials prove that it makes a difference to work with one person each step of the experience. Hats Rock!

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For Sellers

The market changes every two weeks...especially for a full time, year-round professional who works the entire metro Phoenix marketplace. I know each quadrant of the valley since I'm an adventurous native Phoenician. Truly dedicated and highly motivated to develop marketing visibility...both online & offline. Strategies change. What works in a sellers' market is different in a buyers' market plus each area is different while seasonal challenges require flexibility. It's paramount to utilize the latest technology to showcase your property & ultimately impress the appraiser. Old school experience still wins when coupled with high tech skills.


Property Management

Why train an agent with your real estate investments when you can hire a seasoned professional broker? My business model is different than most. I only handle a few properties for vetted clients and broker referrals. Following market trends with a long term vision for improvements will increase the value of your property in the long run. It took me decades to learn how to do this well. West USA Realty protects all the trust funds. My job is to make you money, protect the value of your investment & keep tenants happily paying their rent. I anticipate maintenance issues, valley-wide market shifts, and tenant expectations. Hard hat here!

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What's Different About Me?


Concierge & On-Call Service

Work with one person from start to finish...personalized communications enhance the entire process. Availability at every step adds efficiency to negotiations.


Focused On Your Financial Future

Our motto: It's easy to buy and much harder to sell. Your ultimate success depends on making smart decisions today based upon your life stage and goals.


Lifetime of Arizona Experience

Original Mid-Century Phoenician native. Seasoned broker & REALTOR® with over 35+ years of experience. Old school techniques coupled with high tech skills. 

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